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Website Review of Bubblews.com
Published By UmiNoor on 2013-04-21 312 Views

I joined Bubblews on January 28th, 2013 and now, after almost three months of being a member of the website, I’ve earned $164.31 which is the largest amount I’ve ever earned from a single writing website in such a short time. What exactly is Bubblews and how does a member earn money on this website?

Bubblews started out in early 2012 and when it was launched, it didn’t have many rules. The only thing that members knew about earning on the site is that they will get paid 1 cent for each view, comment and like they get to their posts.

With this in mind, many members started to post one-liner and submitting posts that are way below what anyone would call a quality post or article. Members who did this didn’t get paid and Bubblews didn’t satisfy them with giving an explanation for their non-payment. Thus, began the complaints and the rant about Bubblews being a scam site.

In January 2013, Bubblews announced a new set of rules on the website and these include no plagiarism, no posts less than 400 characters and no abusing of likes, comments and views. There are altogether seven rules that Bubblews implemented. And since then, more members are not getting paid because they break one of the rules.

The problem with this is that Bubblews doesn’t usually flag a member when a rule is broken rather Bubblews will wait for the member to request payment and only then the member would realize that a rule had been broken and payment will not be given out. This is much like how Google Adsense works. And we all know how many people had complained about Google advertising program too.

Members who had broken the rule especially the rule with regards to plagiarism can shamelessly demand payment from Bubblews. It had been clearly stated in the rules that plagiarism will not be tolerated and payment would not be given out. To those members who are remorseful and apologized for their indiscretion, Bubblews gives them a second chance. Bubblews can be quite forgiving and I really admire this site for that.

Another rule that is unwritten in Bubblews is about the quality of posts. Some members may not be proficient in the English language but they still want to earn money on Bubblews. They’re allowed to participate but with poor quality posts, it’s obvious that Bubblews would not pay them. They should at least show some effort to improve their language. But if they continue to post ungrammatical and unreadable posts, who’s going to pay them for such poor quality?

Bubblews may be the easiest website to earn money writing very short posts, but members need to abide by the rules. And above all, quality of posts really matters if you want to get paid by Bubblews.

If you wish to join Bubblews and start earning 1 cent for every view, comment and like, join

bubblews.com/?referral=510783e7288eb2.15543435" target="_blank">Bubblews

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